True Team® Scoring

Earn team points against your entire conference!

The League has developed an exclusive True Team® scoring format that will determine the overall performance for a team in all weekly events during the season.

True-Team-Scoring-ExampleTrue Team® scoring goals

The purpose of a True Team competition is to recognize which team is the best overall, rather than which team has the most top finishers while providing a more enjoyable experience for the student athletes. This is accomplished while maintaining the League’s mission and beliefs. The new scoring goals include:

  • Fair for everyone
  • Team-focused rewards
  • Scaleable to work with all team and conference sizes
  • Athletes and coaches can measure personal performance progress
  • Encourage teams to offer open participation and introduce beginner shooters
  • Allow all athletes the ability to contribute to a team’s scoring performance
  • Make it exciting for athletes

True Team® scoring overview

In the True Team® scoring format, each team has a pre-determined number of competitors that will contribute to their team’s score, with each competitor scoring at least one point. The top score in a conference will receive the maximum number of points and the last score will receive the minimum one point unless there is a tie and the remaining points are split equally.

Conference designation

Each conference will have a different total of the points available for each event because each conference will have a different number of qualifying athletes and perhaps a different number of teams.

  • Teams are assigned a conference based on a similar number of members on a team.
  • The number of scores used is determined upon a team’s conference designation at the time of assignment.
  • Smaller conferences with smaller teams will use less scores. Larger conferences with larger teams will use more scores.
  • The same number of team members must be used for each team to provide equal opportunity to earn points.
  • See the Conference True Team® Scoring Assignment Examples below.


How an athlete earns points

All athletes shoot at their assigned 50 targets on their team-assigned event day of the week. The Head Coach enters all scores in the League’s Team Management System™ before Saturday at 9 p.m.

  • All athletes shoot their 50 targets.
  • The top scores, as determined by the qualifying number of scores used for your team each week, are compared against all other teams within your conference. See the True Team® scoring example to the right.
  • The top score receives the highest number of points available and the remaining scores are assigned based on decreasing subsequent scores until to the last qualifying score that receives one point.
  • Scores that are tied will equally split the earned points.
  • Athletes who do not qualify for the week’s top finishers are recorded and submitted, but not used.
  • Scores are published on Saturday at 9:05 p.m.

How a team earns points

  • All athlete scores are added to determine the total team score for that event.
  • The team score is then compared against all of the scores of the other teams in their conference to determine weekly and overall standings.

Overall standings

  • All completed event scores are added to determine the standings based on the highest number of points earned.
  • The team that ends the season with the highest number of points earned wins their conference.


Team and individual performance will be available for viewers in the following categories:

  • Team Overall Standings – by conference
  • High Gun Average – overall, conference, and gender
  • 25- and 50-Straight Club – achievers earn a patch and recognition for shooting perfection

PrintShooter Performance Tracker®

The Shooter Performance Tracker® (SPT) is a performance tracking tool provided to all participants of the League. Each athlete receives personal access to monitor their scores and progress compared against their team, their conference, and all other athletes in the state. Athletes can share access to to their SPT so friends and family can watch their favorite clay target league athlete! Check out the SPT example!