Building A 5-Stand Field

Building A 5-Stand Field

5-Stand Field
A 5-stand field’s target throwers are strategically placed throughout a large field. Each of the five stations that are aligned in a row are partially enclosed by a cage that limits the angles of shooting at targets. Each athlete can view the targets from all stations from the station they are shooting from. Once all athletes have completed a station they move in a clockwise rotation to the next station.

Each station has a menu card notifying the athlete where each target is being thrown. Targets are thrown from a pre-determined sequence with a variety of flight angles and consistent speed settings. Targets may be thrown from left to right, right to left, fading away, incoming, rabbit (along the ground), vertically, and from a tower or elevated platform.

Generally, the first target thrown from each station is a single target followed up with either a report pair or true pair to round out that station. A report pair is defined as a single target thrown followed by another single target thrown upon the completion of the athletes first shot. A true pair is defined as two individual targets being thrown at the same time by multiple throwers.


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