The USA Clay Target League and COVID-19

Update: May 30, 2021

National Championship registration will begin June 9, 2021.

Update: April 12, 2021

Thank you to all of the parents, coaches, shooting ranges, schools, and others that have worked hard to provide the opportunity for students to participate in the League this spring. As a result of your efforts, the League had over 27,000 student athletes register to participate on over 1,300 high school and college teams in 34 states this spring!

The League, in concert with shooting ranges and coaches, has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation across the country. Based on the information available to us at this time, we have come to a determination regarding hosting virtual or in-person events in each respective state. Thankfully, the vast majority of planned in-person events will be allowed to proceed.

As the League is hosting 66 in-person and virtual events it is impossible to list them all on this page.

Please visit your specific League website for information about events in your state/League.

Virtual tournaments are conducted when a variety of factors are involved that limit the opportunity to host an in-person event. Some factors may include: minimum number of participants, team travel restrictions, mass-gathering restrictions, shooting range availability, and/or conflicts in timing with other events. 

Participation fees:

COVID-19 has had a tremendous negative impact on the world economy, causing supply line issues, increasing the costs of manufacturing supplies, and affecting the costs of labor. These issues have affected nearly every aspect of the League’s ability to continue to host first-class events. As a result, the League has had to increase the in-person tournament fee to $45 per student, per sport.

In-Person Events: $45 per athlete (per tournament). Fee includes State Tournament t-shirt, and targets.

Virtual Events: $20 per athlete (per tournament). Fee includes State Tournament t-shirt. Targets are NOT included.

Tournament Registration:

Tournament (Championship in Minnesota) registration is now available. All tournament registration will be coordinated through

Coaches will login to their Team Management System™ and select the tournament tab to select the participating athletes that they want to invite to register for the tournament. Once an athlete is invited, the athlete/guardian will be notified via email and will need to login to their Athlete Management System to complete the tournament registration and pay the required fee prior to the registration deadline.

Registrations or refunds are not allowed after the deadline. 

UPDATE – Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Registration fee may be refunded up to the registration deadline.

Last day to request fee refunds is Monday, March 29th!

The League pledges to support our participating schools, teams, and coaches in whatever decisions they make in regards to their participation in the Modified Season.

Registered student athlete(s) that want to be removed from the team roster and receive a full registration fee refund from the League prior to the registration deadline have to be processed by the Head Coach in ClayTargetGO!’s Team Management System.

  1. Login to TMS
  2. Select “Team Rosters”
  3. Select discipline to access the roster
  4. Select the “Rostered” tab
  5. Select the “Request Refund” box for each athlete requesting a refund
  6. Select the “Process Selected Athletes” button to complete the request

Upon the submission of the request, the processed rostered athlete(s) will indicate a “refund request submitted” status. Processing will take 24-48 hours. After processing, the athlete’s name will be moved to the “Removed” tab and the refund will be issued to the registrant.

A credit will be issued to registrant’s same payment that was used (credit/debit card or ACH) for registration. Please allow up to 14 days for refund transaction providers to credit the registrant’s account.

If a refund has be inadvertently processed by the coach, a student can be added back to the Invited list to register by following the instructions on the Removed tab.

No refunds will be allowed after the registration deadline.

UPDATE – Monday, January 11th, 2021

USA Clay Target League 2021 Modified Spring Season

The USA Clay Target League thanks all athletes, parents, coaches, shooting ranges, and sponsors for their patience and understanding to considering participating in the League in this unprecedented time.

Due to the current uncertainty related to COVID-19, the League is announcing a Modified 2021 Spring Season that will provide the most opportunity for student athletes and teams to participate.

2020 Modified Season Coach Survey

To assist the League’s knowledge regarding decisions for the 2021 spring season, the League conducted a survey with Head Coaches that had teams participate in either of the 2020 modified seasons. The League received 301 responses (57% response rate) to the 2021 Modified Spring Season Survey that was sent in mid-December.

  • 86% replied that it was “easier” or “about the same” that the modified policies affected a Head Coach’s ability to manage a team.
  • 60% replied that the modified season “saved” the team’s season.
  • 88% replied that the team is confident that the team will be able to participate in the upcoming season.
  • 58% replied that a modified season is preferred for the upcoming season if the decision had to be made today.
  • 81% of coaches said their teams would compete, with 78% of coaches indicating that half or more of their team would participate, in a virtual tournament if the League was forced to hold one due to virus concerns.

The League is hopeful that it can return to “normal” when COVID-19 concerns and restrictions are minimized as determined by leading health organizations.

Coach-preferred 2021 Modified Spring Season rules will be implemented again.

Due to survey responses and suggestions from Head Coaches and the current/future uncertainty for federal, state, and school regulations related to COVID-19, the League is announcing a Modified 2021 Spring Season that will provide the safest and best opportunity for teams and student athletes to participate.

CLICK HERE to see the 2021 Modified Spring Season Policies & Procedures for complete information.

Clay target is a low-risk sport during COVID-19
Teams are expected to follow all recommendations regarding social gatherings as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Clay target sports are a low-risk sport based on the participation recommendations from the National Federation Of High School Associations.

The League has a number of advantages over traditional high school sporting activities that naturally reduce the risk of infection and/or transmission of bacteria and viruses.

  • All activity takes place outdoors.
  • Clay target shooting is a non-contact sport.
  • There is minimal, if any, shared equipment or clothing between participants.
  • There is very limited contact to shared surfaces.
  • Mass gatherings of spectators can be avoided.

Share The Safe Sport: Clay Target Is The Smart Choice infographic with school administrators, parents and students so everyone can make The Safe Choice with clay target sports!

League registration deadline extended until March 29th.

Due to open score submissions the registration deadline is extended by one week which should allow more student athletes and teams to register for the spring season.

League registration fee must be paid by athletes during registration.

To help alleviate student athlete financial commitments for coaches, concerns with varying situations of schools and/or teams, and ability to provide registration refunds if a team cannot participate, the team payment option for League registration fees has been eliminated. Conferences will be assigned as scheduled based on the number of registered athletes.

By finalizing rosters immediately after the close of registration teams may begin competition rounds as early as March 30th. Teams also have the option to close registration at their discretion prior to the League’s registration deadline. A Head Coach can login to TMS and select the close registration option.

Registration fees may be refunded up to the registration deadline.

The League pledges to support our participating schools, teams, and coaches in whatever decisions they make in regards to their participation in the Modified Season.

If a team/school decides not to participate in the season prior to the registration deadline, then all registered student athletes will receive a full registration fee refund from the League. The Head Coach can login to TMS and select the season withdrawal option.

If a registered student athlete wants to be removed from the team roster and receive a full registration fee refund from the League, send the withdrawal request before the registration deadline via email to

Refund requests will be processed within three (3) business days. A credit will be issued to registrant’s same payment that was used (credit/debit card or ACH) for registration. Please allow up to 14 days for refund transaction providers to credit the registrant’s account.

No refunds will be allowed after the registration deadline.

Open score submissions until May 22nd offers more than seven weeks to complete five competition events requirements.

Scoring submissions for Practice Weeks and the Reserve Week have been removed from the Spring score submission page in TMS. Any practice events are at the discretion of the teams. Reserve Week scores will not be used in any manner this season. Week 1 scores will be used in place of Reserve Week scores for a tiebreaker for season awards.

There will not be a limitation regarding the number of weekly scores that can be shot or submitted at one time. Score submission for all weeks will be allowed March 30th through May 22nd at 9 p.m. CT in the Team Management System (TMS).

A team can choose to schedule and complete their events however they prefer during the competition period. The two days per week allowed to conduct each event policy is suspended. All events must be completed in succession (Week 1 must be completed before Week 2, etc.). Scores can be added, corrected, and submitted for all weeks up to the season score submission deadline.

Fun Squad inactive for Modified Season.

Due to scores not becoming finalized until the end of the season, the Fun Squad option will be postponed until next season.

Scores and standings published at mid-season and end of season.

Because teams rosters are determined early, teams will be assigned conferences on April 12th.

Scores and standings through Competition Week 2 will be published on the League’s website on May 2nd for all teams that have submitted scores up to May 1st at 9 p.m. CT. Score submission are recommended, but not required. Final season results will differ for Competition Week 1 and Week 2 due to the incompletion of submitted scores by all teams prior to the mid-season deadline.

At the completion of the season, the League will calculate weekly scores and standings for all Competition Weeks and release them daily in order until the final results are published.

Registered athletes that have not completed firearm safety will not be removed.

To provide a longer opportunity to athletes to complete their required League-approved firearm safety certification, athletes will remain on the team invite list in TMS until their certification information has been completed by the athlete/parent in their Athlete Management System (AMS) or by the coach in TMS. 

Coaches will not be able to submit scores for any athlete that has not completed firearm safety certification, and athletes are not allowed to participate in any team event until firearm safety certification is complete and their athlete profiles have been updated in ClayTargetGo!.

After the certification information is complete, the athlete’s name will be added to the Team Roster in TMS and to the score submission page in TMS.

In-person or virtual state tournaments format to be announced on April 12th

The League prefers that all tournaments are conducted as in-person events at a pre-designated location as they have traditionally occurred. But if the League or health regulations eliminate or constrain in-person mass gatherings due to COVID-19 regulations then the League will conduct a “virtual” tournament.

The virtual tournament allows all League teams to participate in an inclusive season-ending 100-target event for their particular sport (trap, skeet, sporting clays, 5-stand) that invites all League teams and student athletes to compete in season-average classifications at the convenience of the team’s shooting range while greatly reducing travel expenses.

The League requires a non-refundable $25 per athlete per tournament registration fee. The registration fee includes an official tournament t-shirt for each athlete and tournament banner for a team with five or more athletes. The League is responsible for all tournament awards and performance patches. Each team is required to be responsible for any or all associated expenses (IE: targets and/or ammunition) conducting the tournament at their local shooting range.

Teams will complete the tournament event during 10-day time period in mid-June. Coaches will be responsible for submitting scores through their Team Management System in ClayTargetGo!. Scores and rankings will be published on the League’s website shortly after the completion of the event. Awards will be shipped directly to teams for any individual and team honors.

Visit the League’s website to view the latest on tournament dates, status, rules, and information after the tournament announcement has been made.

2021 Modified Schedule:

  • February 3: Team and student athlete registration opens.
  • March 29: Team and student athlete registration closes Noon CDT and competition events can begin the following day. Last day for athlete and/or team withdrawal for registration fee refund.
  • April 12: Tournament format (in-person or virtual) announcement, tournament registration opens,   conference assignments announced, and score submissions are available in TMS.
  • May 1: Optional mid-season score submission deadline at 9 p.m. CDT for Week 1 and Week 2.
  • May 2: Mid-season scores and rankings posted.
  • May 3: Tournament registration closes at Noon CDT.
  • May 10: High School National Championship status announcement.
  • May 22: Season score submission at 9 p.m. CDT.
  • May 24: Week 1 results published.
  • May 25: Week 2 results published.
  • May 26: Week 3 results published.
  • May 27: Week 4 results published.
  • May 28: Week 5 and final results published.
  • June: In-person tournaments as scheduled.
  • June 2-6: Homeschool National Championship.
  • June 11-20: Virtual tournament (if applicable).
  • June 9 UPDATED: National Championship individual and team competition registration begins. Registration closes when full.
  • June 26: High School National Championship registration closes if not full.
  • June 29: Tournament award shipments begin.

Keep informed
For the most recent information regarding the League’s COVID-19 situation, visit:

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