PullUSA Media Ambassadors


PullUSA Media Ambassadors are student athletes from throughout the country dedicated to the positive promotion of the USA High School Clay Target League (USAHSCTL). As a Media Ambassador, you will provide the rest of the world a glimpse of the excitement and fun of your State Tournament throughout the day!

Photos and other content created by Media Ambassadors may be published on social media channels, in PullUSA Magazine and in other promotional materials. In addition to gaining fantastic experience, PullUSA Media Ambassadors will get a custom PullUSA Media Ambassador hat, a special “PullUSA Media Ambassador” media pass, and will be recognized in the Summer ‘Champions Edition’ of PullUSA Magazine!


Serving as a Media Ambassador is an opportunity for students to gain experience in photojournalism and social media marketing in preparation for future careers. Media Ambassadors are highly visible and their actions and behavior are held to high standards.

  • An interest in media or creative arts is a plus. At a minimum, all successful candidates must:
  • Be a participant of their respective League’s State Tournament.
  • Receive both parent and coach approval.
  • Conduct themselves as a positive representative of the League.
  • Have a strong work ethic and positive attitude.
  • Have a smartphone or camera capable of high resolution photos.
  • Have a basic understanding of photography and an eagerness to learn and improve.
  • Be able to write clear, concise descriptions with proper spelling and grammar when needed.
  • Be able to send content digitally during the event.
  • Be a proactive, courteous communicator with spectators, students, coaches, USAHSCTL staff, and others involved in League events.


Media Ambassadors will attend their state tournament and document the event at the direction of the PullUSA editor and following guidelines from a supplied Media Ambassador toolkit. Media Ambassadors will submit photographs and any additional content digitally, in a method agreed upon with the editor.

To be considered for a Media Ambassador position, please print out and fill out the application form below, get all signatures, and then scan and email to PullUSA editor Drew Tri at dtri@pullusamagazine.com.

Applicants are encouraged to submit up to three photo samples when applying.

The 2020 Application will be available soon! Check back in a couple days!

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